Fresh and fun, In Light Image offers irresistible school portraiture; fueled by an admiration for each fiercely unique child. ILI thrives on making an art out of expression, drawing out children's felt experiences with agile, gentle exuberance. No strobes, wires, or backdrops. Just pure sunlight. We adore documenting the glories of growing up. Thank you for inviting In Light Image to celebrate your vibrant learning community!

What should my child wear?

Their preferred outfit at the moment! We recommend bright clothing in solid colors free of any distracting text or logos. Remember, it's less about the actual items, but how they move and feel in it! Opt for simple classics over trendy or busy looks. What go-to's will give them the most comfort and confidence?

How soon can I expect my order to arrive from my child's mini photo shoot?

Within three weeks from the actual shoot date, your child will come home with an eco-packaged bundle of your ordered prints, with a gorgeous matte finish, ready to enjoy and share!

Can I hire ILI? 

Absolutely! While school portraits remain a favorite; family, event, and editorial shoots are available to book. Contact us at We would love to hear from you.