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I want to connect to other fiery dreamer mamas who have refuse to believe that young motherhood is about mayhem and dashed hopes - but rather a strategic slowing to kneel down and nurture what we've been gifted, a time of laying low and spreading roots underground. Women who know that their most potent contributions to this world are bright-eyed wild children rambunctious with curiosity, kindness, and a taste of God's goodness perpetually on their tongues.. yet also yearn to stay in step with their other creative callings and good works they're destined to do. Our family lives at the base of a golden-grass state park in Northern California on the grounds of a boarding school. Crickets, spry quail, clear stars in the evenings - we’re drinking it all in with grateful hearts. I’m learning how to be a graceful mother, a sweet wife, and to hear + delight in the Holy Spirit's voice. This site is a repository for all the mini adventures and invisible epiphanies our family of four is accumulating day by day. A space for savoring and making sense of this transformation I'm in the midst of.

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