Today we asked our friends David and Yining – while visiting their sunny Oakland bungalow – to be godparents to our sweet seven month daughter. Ian and I respect them immensely.. It’s the fierce and tender way she honors and adores her husband and he leaves a wake of godly swagger wherever he steps. they are both gifted intuitive artists and walk with God in raw and childlike paths. and I feel they truly see river’s spirit – interacting with her in a soft celebratory way like she’s a bright hot white jewel. If anything ever happened to us and our families somehow were not an option, we would choose them to raise her. it’s that serious and that simple. I know their prayers are potent and it’s so wonderful to imagine how they will witness her blossom into a young women as the days unfurl. p.s. they said yes! image above exchanging pleasantries before we asked them : )

Alexa Heung