Roasted Kabocha


I picked one up thinking I’d just eat a couple but they were so chewy crunchy sweet salty thiiiack I probably had seven right out of the oven once they cooled enough to handle. Squash are especially wonderful for the body during the luteal phase of the menstruel cycle (the week before your period). Melt butter, honey, and miso paste over fire whisking until conception browns slightly. Add a splash of mirin. Rub peices with oil and lay on tray for 15 minutes a side at 400. Watch and with about five minutes left, slather with mix and close oven door for a bit more just to let crust and blister. Just keep a close eye and take out before any charting. Tip: To help it feel like you’re slicing a carrot rather than a mini boulder, bring a just big enough pot of water to boil, submerge kabocha for about 10 minutes covered before slicing into pieces. Thank you Yising for bringing a gorgeous platter these to our last Friendsgiving and sharing this yumminess!

Alexa Heung